Engagement Photos – Heather & Yeo

Last week I ventured out to shoot some engagement photos for the lovely Heather & Yeo. The weather wasn’t looking so great with a forecast of rain and an overcast morning that looked less than promising, but the gods, if they exist, looked kindly upon us so we made the most of what was a lovely afternoon wandering around Sydney’s Hyde Park. Whilst rainy days can produce some lovely results I’m a sucker for a sunny afternoon and Hyde Park was a great place to spend it!

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoyed mucking around and being photographed as much as I enjoyed photographing you!

Cafe near liverpool and Elizabeth Streetsydney engagement photosHyde Parkcorner of park and college street

Portrait PhotographyHeather and Yeo KissingHyde ParkA cute couple

sydney engagement photosposing. Sydney portraitsafternoon lightwedding photographybacklighting

lucky in loveengagement photographyGreen Fronds in Hyde Parkwedding photographsphotojournalist photographythrough the fence and a portrait of the coupleNear St Marythe hug and the laughthe lovely couple holding handsengagement photography | getting marriedKissing in the cityHeather and Yeo Piggybacking near St MarySome more piggybacking fun in the city

love in the city | Sydney Photographyphotography sydney

Thnaks again guys for letting me shoot your engagement photos, may the force be with you and your gasoline fights merry.

Engagement Photos

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Keith McAvoy - nice photos, love the colours and lighting. Great composition!

Shauna Nicole - Love your use of creativity and depth of field! Great work.

stephen henry - great set of shots!

Bliss N Eso – Down by the River

Whenever I’m driving around, which seems to be quite a lot, I’ve always got either Triple J or FBI tuned into the radio. One song I can’t help but turn up is Down by the River by Bliss N Eso… I’ve been a fan of a number of their tunes and am really loving this track at the moment.

Ok ok… so even though I may crank up the radio on occasions I do turn it down when i’m stopped at lights… I don’t wanna be one of “those” guys. Hmmm, now I’m one of those people who puts things in quotation marks… damn. Don’t worry, I didn’t do the quotation mark “fingers”

… whats happening to me. Sigh.




Julianna - So cool – I love it!

Sydney Storm Photography

My 2nd shooter Rachael and I like to get out once a week and explore a new location, see what ideas we can come up with and generally push ourselves to stay fresh and continue exploring and growing as photographers, the ideas of which we can then bring to our wedding photography. Yesterday we headed out to South Head on what was a gorgeous sunny Sydney day. After wandering around for an hour or so we could see heavy clouds rolling in over Sydney’s skyline. Perched up on South Head gave us a great vantage point where we sat and watched the dramatically changing weather.

Rain was clearly coming our way and we were faced with the decision of heading back to to the car and missing some awesome shots or waiting around, grabbing some photos and taking cover in a nearby bunker left present from world war 1 (I believe)… We chose the latter option… here we sat for an hour waiting for the storm to pass, we were joined by 2 other randoms and later during the storm a wet shirtless backpacker!

Anyway, it was beautiful overlooking Sydney Harbour as the storm rolled through, we had a great day and our equipment came home dry… WIN!

storm photograph sydney harboursydney harbour storm cloudssydney harbour storm photographer  


stephen henry - those clouds look ready to punch some lights out

Amy Tickle - I LOVE these Sam!! I miss Sydney storms.

michele bowman - wow, these are such beautiful and dramatic photos!!

Photoshop tutorial – Changing eye colour

Hi everybody! (Hi Doctor Sam!!)

Here is a neat tutorial video I made to show you guys how to change eye colour and enhance eyes using Photosho CS4/CS5

Hope you learn something.



Sam - No Probs Sharolyn! Thanks for stopping by to check my blog out… I have a whole bunch of tutorials I’m going to put together when I have the time, it’s good to hear they are useful.

Sharolyn - Hey Sam, I checked out the tutorial, great job. I look forward to more of these as I have so much to learn and you really seem to have a great grasp on things. Thanks for putting the time into it.

sydney wedding photographer – Renata & Siam

I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Renata & Siam last week. Although a small scale registry wedding the day was wonderful and felt more like a group of friends coming together for a celebration than a large affair where the day is spent focusing more on the event than what is real… the friends, the family and the reason the day is happening, love.

I had a great time being welcomed into their lives for the day, it was a fabulous occasion!


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Julian Beattie - Nicely done, Sam!

Sam - Thanks Martin,

I think for some of the time i was shooting at 1/30 @ f1.8 ISO6400… It was pretty darn dark! Focusing was a cow!

Martin Roe - Wow Sam, fabuolous low light work here, Love your style, great to see someone who thinks outside the box!

From Above – Ben Folds & Nick Hornby

So I kinda have a thing for this song at the moment. It’s a collaboration between Ben Folds (of Ben Folds Five fame) and writer Nick Horby. For the collaborative album “lonely avenue” Folds wrote and recorded the music while Hornby wrote the lyrics. Now my relationship history hasn’t been as satisfying as the movies promised they would be… hmmm…. could it be that hollywood lied to me? Surely not…

I guess my clients who funnily enough are engaged or getting married may be able to set me straight on the matter… mental note… ask clients for love advice 🙂

Anyway here’s the song. Enjoy

Ps. The video is a little bit cute if not kinda sad. It’s well done & worth a watch!


Cature Magazine photo annual

So I walk over to a bunch of friends and one casually asks if she can have my autograph… Now, in my mind I clearly said “sure babe” whipped out a permanent marker, signed my autograph on her thigh and proceeded to do tequila shots from her belly button… those who were present surely have a different tale to tell.

Met with confusion as to what she was talking about a shiny new copy of Capture magazines 2010 photo annual was whisped from behind her bag and presented to me… “have a look inside” I was told.

Yes Ma’am! (This boy knows whats good for him and wasn’t about to argue )

39 pages in and something catches my attention…. Hang on… thats my photo… The Blood is on Your Hands I (one)… featured as one of the five top art photographs of 2010.

I then proceeded to whip out a permanent marker, sign my autograph on my friends thigh and do tequila shots from her belly button.

Capture magazine photo annual 2010capture magazine aus top photographers


New Website

Hi guys,

well, for those who have been following my site you may notice I’ve just updated to a new fandangled design, not everything is populated yet so please check back soon, it is sure to bring you good things such as realisation of ones wildest dreams, never ending packets of tim tams and an uncanny ability to woo the opposite and/or same sex*

*Samuel makes no guarantee of any claims, infact it is unlikely such promises will ring true, but check back just incase.

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