Rose + Mike | Post Wedding Photography

A few from yesterday


Mark - These are really wonderful.

Candice Lothian - That last shot is so adorable!

Olivia - Your post wedding photos in black and white are a treat. Thanks for sharing.

Clare - wow, your work is great

Chantelle - These are beautiful pictures

John Français - love the bokeh, love the tone, love the grain. Such great shots.

Michelle - These are stunning Sam!

Horsing Around | Wedding Photography Sydney

Wedding Photography Sydney By Samuel Burns


JR - Killing it

Jarrod Nicholson - Haha interesting shots mate. Have just ben looking at your wedding photos too. Wow. It seems you have an amazing talent for telling the story of a wedding day. Very impressive.

Jack Pollard Photographer - These shots are beautifully composed. I would like to see more.

Amelia - I just love reading your blog Sam. Your work always makes me smile. This shot is a great example!

Rosie W - I absolutely love the light and the trees in the background (the horse is pretty cool too).

Kylie England - Gorgeous work Sam! So amusing, great Bokeh!

Paul - Haha, nice work mate, you always produce winners.

Room With A View | Wedding Photography Sydney

Looking out the window of an inner city terrace as I sit on a bed editing a recent shoot, eating thai and feeling good about the fact summer is fast on it’s way. I love summers in Sydney.


KM - I like the colours in this shot. Very nice

Margaritte - Looks like a pretty good place to be! Think you have captured the moment nicely.. P.s I’m looking forward to summer too!

Clarissa Forbes - Simply stunning

Veronica - I love this picture Sam, so serene and almose dream-like. Amazing work as always!

Digital Photography Magazine Feature

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by and given an 8 page feature in Digital Photography Magazine, here’s a little look see!


Esenam - Your advices and remarks are so true and wise. I trully would love to read the entire article. thanks you for sharing this.

JR - Congratulations man, good stuff

Madi - Funky Chair! I want one!

Daniel K - Cooooool! 8 page feature in DP magazine…. Well done mate, much deserved.

Laylita - Wow Sam, your work certainly seems to be held high regard within the photography community. Very Jealous but well done!

Johhny W - I just went out an bought this issue. Great article and thanks for the tips! Exactly what us aspiring photographers need. Thanks again. John

Julian - Nice one dude! I think an autograph may be in order. 😉

Vincent - What a great spread. You are well and truly deserving of this fabulous recognition mate. Well done

Kellee Walsh - Looks great Sam!

Lyndall + Josh | Sneak Peek | Wedding Photographers Sydney

My second photographer Rachael and I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Lyndall and Josh this week. They took us to an amazing part of the Blue Mountains we had never been to before, it was rather awesome! Here are some kind words Lyndall sent me after the shoot.  “Hey Samuel, Thanks so much for taking the time out today and allowing us the opportunity to shoot with you guys! We really enjoyed ourselves, had a lot of fun and are really impressed with the way the two of you carried out this afternoon. Can’t wait to see the photos…Much thanks again…”

By Samuel Burns | Wedding Photographers Sydney



Kellee Walsh - These are fantastic Sam! I must head into the Blue Mountains more often.

Cecilia Sydney - These shots are awesome! You have captured this couple beautifully. Well done!

KATIE - Stunning pictures Sam, very impressive shots and beautiful setting too!

Scott - Great set of images Sam

Bethany - Blown away. Brilliant!

stacy squires photography - awsome backdrop…. nicley taken!! 🙂

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