Camille + Pete | Engagement Photography Sydney


ew - WOW!!!! this is so beautiful!!!!

Anonymous - Nice

Mark - Really wonderful photography..

Ravyn - Your work is absolutely stunning. I actually found you via Twitter yesterday when there was an uproar about another photographer using your images on their site. Sorry that happened, but SO glad I found you. I just love knowing so many amazing photographers who are not only good at making photographs, but truly amazing at advancing the art! It’s lovely to meet you!

Kellee Walsh - Gorgeous Sam! Such a sweet session!

Paul T - Your work is simply amazing Sam, I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are to me, looking through your photography drives me to become the best I can. Keep it up!

Matilda - Oh dear, her dimples would just about have to be the cutest dimples I’ve ever seen! This shoot is super cute ๐Ÿ™‚ Love these locations.

Gina - AWESOME and amazing and lovely, you take pictures good!

Alex + Joe | Wedding Photography Sydney | Athol Hall


Victoria Franji - My partner and I are getting married 1st december 2012, im wanting a price for full coverage of our wedding day plus a prewedding shoot. Thanks

Nick Brent - Amazing work as always, loving the darker moody shots

Lauren - Love the black and white of the little girl looking out the window.. Stunning shot. Well done.

Gabi - This looks like such a fun wedding! Lovin’ the dance floor shots!

Theresa photog - Amazing work as usual Mr Burns. Fabulous set.

Melinda + Vasna | Wedding Photography Sydney

Melinda and Vasna’s wedding was somewhat unusual in that no vows were exchanged on the day, rather, 300 family and friends gathered for a celebration that started in a tea ceremony and ended in food, food and more food! Mmmm, come to think of it I could do with some more food right now. Mental note, don’t blog at dinner time.


Spencer - Great pics! Looks like it was an awesome wedding.

Brisbane wedding photographer - What a great shoot of the tea ceremony. Also like very much how you left what was obviously dark…dark.

Mike - Hiiyyy Fiivve!

fotograf lublin - What an awesome set!

Kurt G - Great job mate. Nicely shot

Stacey V Photo - What an interesting wedding! You have captured it beautifully. I really enjoyed looking at these shots. Well done

Camille - I second the lake shots, really nice edits on them, lovely feel.

Jenny V - Amazing post Sam. Those shots by the lake are beautiful.

Reyate - I love love love this wedding!

Baby Sebastian | Photography Sydney

My dear friends Steve and Angela just happen to be parents to the cutest bouncing baby boy around. Sunday marked the Christening of little Sebastian and I was given the opportunity to not only attend my first Christening but to photograph it. Much to Sebastian’s dismay he is now free of evil spirits, in time I’m sure he will decide the swim was worth it. Congrats guys, it was a really beautiful day!


connie - great shots – what a cutie

Camille - He’s so cute! poor thing!

Henry B - Love the action shots dude. Well captured.

KML - Nice. Did you use a lens baby in that last shot?

Stacey V Photo - The Bokeh in the first photo is superb, what lens was it?

Libby - what a cutie, you captured it so well

Anthony B - Top shots mate.

Suzanne Wren - Amazing shots, great work Samuel

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