Landscape Photography : Cloudscapes

Like sitting beside the ocean, the sky brings me a sense of openness, a sense freedom and calm, it awakens possibilities and is a great source of hope and inspiration. As a child I wanted to be two things, a race car driver and a fighter pilot. Whilst I still wouldn’t mind being a race car driver as age caught up I realised being a fighter pilot meant war and killing. This certainly took the shine off the prospect of flying military jets. Whilst I haven’t ventured down the path of flying just yet it’s certainly on the cards for the future, albeit in a recreational manner.

In the meantime I enjoy a fascination with pointing my camera towards the sky. Here is a shot I captured last week whilst out shooting. Oh, just for the record the other thing I wanted to be as I grew up was a photographer, I found magic in the process, it grabbed my attention and has never let go. Landscape photography has taken me to so many amazing destinations, it’s given me the chance to spend time seeing and feeling, and I’m so thankful for that!


Jack Chauvel - Hmm really dig this frame Sam. Such a peaceful thing to go out and shoot, I often forget to just take shots of the sky as it changes. Should change that one day.

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