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Book Cover : Aldo Nove : Tutta La Luce Del Mondo

Mamma Mia! Well, right about now I have exhausted my best attempts at passing myself off as Italian. Come to think of it my grandmothers father was Italian, so I guess in some small way I can claim my Italian heritage, anyway, I digress…

My image Amnesia VIII has been selected as the cover for the new book by Italian author Aldo Nove, Tutta La Luce Del Mondo. I could claim that it’s a sultry novel exploring the dark recesses of the human spirit, love, lust and destiny, but I would be lying. All I really know is according to the Google machine ‘Tutta La Luce Del Mondo’ translates to ‘All of The Light Of The World’. If nothing else given my fascination with light I find an air of mystery and excitement within that notion.

If they ever release an english version of the book I’ll have to read it to find out what it’s really about. In the meantime if any of my Italian audience happen to read the book feel free to leave your review, I hope it’s a goodie!


Digital Photography Magazine Feature

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by and given an 8 page feature in Digital Photography Magazine, here’s a little look see!


Esenam - Your advices and remarks are so true and wise. I trully would love to read the entire article. thanks you for sharing this.

JR - Congratulations man, good stuff

Madi - Funky Chair! I want one!

Daniel K - Cooooool! 8 page feature in DP magazine…. Well done mate, much deserved.

Laylita - Wow Sam, your work certainly seems to be held high regard within the photography community. Very Jealous but well done!

Johhny W - I just went out an bought this issue. Great article and thanks for the tips! Exactly what us aspiring photographers need. Thanks again. John

Julian - Nice one dude! I think an autograph may be in order. ūüėČ

Vincent - What a great spread. You are well and truly deserving of this fabulous recognition mate. Well done

Kellee Walsh - Looks great Sam!

Capture Magazine | Australia’s Top Photographers Award

Ok ok, so I’m a wedding photographer, but thats not all I photograph. I have been known to shoot the odd spot of advertising photography. In fact, I was just voted Australia’s number two emerging advertising photographer by the most established advertising photographers in Australia… and that’s kinda cool. This poll is run by Capture Magazine annually. Being a photographer, I figured I may as well take the mag somewhere nice and snap a few pics of it!

capture magazinefamous australian photographers

famous australian photographers
famous australian photographers
capture magazinecapture magazine


Kellee - Congratulations!

Head On Photo Festival

I’m pleased to let everyone know I’m exhibiting some work as part of the 2011 Head On Photo Festival. My photography is on display in the front window of Assin, next to the Verona Cinema on Oxford Street Paddington from May 8th for the next month or so.

A big thanks to Assin for their generous support (Thanks Kinae!). Also to Cassandra at Arthere ¬†for making things possible and of course Head On for putting together a great event that is fast becoming a staple in Sydney’s culture and art scene.

There are plenty of works by numerous photographers on display so get out to Oxford Street, grab yourself a coffee, have a wander and enjoy!

sydney wedding photographer

SB Wedding Photography Sydney |Putney NSW | 0405 812 981 ‎


DLR Hair and make up - This is amazing wow i love these pics

Ricki Lee, ummm, I mean Lykke Li

Ok, so it did take me a while to decide who I should be blogging about, in the end Lykke Li won out, mainly due to the fact Ricki Lee said I “can’t touch it” … of course I also happen to love this song by Lykke Li.

In tribute to talk show host¬†Ricki lake… “GO LYKKE!… GO LYKKE!”


Stal Kherr - I adore this song. Video ain’t bad either. You have good taste.

Sydney Storm Photography

My 2nd shooter Rachael and I like to get out once a week and explore a new location, see what ideas we can come up with and generally push ourselves to stay fresh and continue exploring and growing as photographers, the ideas of which we can then bring to our wedding photography. Yesterday we headed out to South Head on what was a gorgeous sunny Sydney day. After wandering around for an hour or so we could see heavy clouds rolling in over Sydney’s skyline. Perched up on South Head gave us a great vantage point where we sat and watched the dramatically changing weather.

Rain was clearly coming our way and we were faced with the decision of heading back to to the car and missing some awesome shots or waiting around, grabbing some photos and taking cover in a nearby bunker left present from world war 1 (I believe)… We chose the latter option… here we sat for an hour waiting for the storm to pass, we were joined by 2 other randoms and later during the storm a wet shirtless backpacker!

Anyway, it was beautiful overlooking Sydney Harbour as the storm rolled through, we had a great day and our equipment came home dry… WIN!

storm photograph sydney harboursydney harbour storm cloudssydney harbour storm photographer  


stephen henry - those clouds look ready to punch some lights out

Amy Tickle - I LOVE these Sam!! I miss Sydney storms.

michele bowman - wow, these are such beautiful and dramatic photos!!

Cature Magazine photo annual

So I walk over to a bunch of friends and one casually asks if she can have my autograph… Now, in my mind I clearly said “sure babe” whipped out a permanent marker, signed my autograph on¬†her thigh and proceeded to do tequila shots from her belly button… those who were present surely have a different tale to tell.

Met with confusion as to what she was talking about a shiny new copy of Capture magazines 2010 photo annual was whisped from behind her bag and presented to me… “have a look inside” I was told.

Yes Ma’am! (This boy knows whats good for him and wasn’t about to¬†argue )

39 pages in¬†and something catches my attention…. Hang on… thats my¬†photo… The Blood is on Your Hands I (one)… featured as one of the five top art photographs of 2010.

I then proceeded to whip out a permanent marker, sign my autograph on my friends thigh and do tequila shots from her belly button.

Capture magazine photo annual 2010capture magazine aus top photographers

C a t e g o r i e s