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Sydney Advertising Photography : Horsing Around

So, I took these couple of pics a while back to put in my advertising photography portfolio. I like to bring an element of quirk to my photography, hmmm well… and to my sense of humour… so these cheeky photos probably speak somewhat of who I am.. yeah thats right… I like to make a habit of dressing in horse masks and setting buildings on fire*

*Samuel changed his last name to Burns as a result of his love of arson**

** may not be entirely accurate.


Advertising Photography

So I decided to post a lighting diagram of a photograph I took a while back for my advertising portfolio. When lighting shiny objects such as cars what you really see is the reflection of the light source in the surface of the object, thus for this image most of the light is coming from behind/above from soft light sources in order to reflect the light towards the camera. The passenger was lit with a softbox from the from front left and the trees with a strobe placed on the ground behind the car.

Sortly after the shoot the talent who was clearly agitated from my constant direction “thats it, work it, work it, a little more, gimme blue steel, no too much too much decided to lob the mcdonalds cola at my face. Narrowly missing me it connected nicely with my trusty assistant who happened to be handling a gererator at the time. RIP fry, if you are reading from up obove take note of your new nickname*

*Events may not have happened

Shot at 1/125 sec @ f8

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Capture Magazine | Australia’s Top Photographers Award

Ok ok, so I’m a wedding photographer, but thats not all I photograph. I have been known to shoot the odd spot of advertising photography. In fact, I was just voted Australia’s number two emerging advertising photographer by the most established advertising photographers in Australia… and that’s kinda cool. This poll is run by Capture Magazine annually. Being a photographer, I figured I may as well take the mag somewhere nice and snap a few pics of it!

capture magazinefamous australian photographers

famous australian photographers
famous australian photographers
capture magazinecapture magazine


Kellee - Congratulations!

C a t e g o r i e s