Book Cover : Aldo Nove : Tutta La Luce Del Mondo

Mamma Mia! Well, right about now I have exhausted my best attempts at passing myself off as Italian. Come to think of it my grandmothers father was Italian, so I guess in some small way I can claim my Italian heritage, anyway, I digress…

My image Amnesia VIII has been selected as the cover for the new book by Italian author Aldo Nove, Tutta La Luce Del Mondo. I could claim that it’s a sultry novel exploring the dark recesses of the human spirit, love, lust and destiny, but I would be lying. All I really know is according to the Google machine ‘Tutta La Luce Del Mondo’ translates to ‘All of The Light Of The World’. If nothing else given my fascination with light I find an air of mystery and excitement within that notion.

If they ever release an english version of the book I’ll have to read it to find out what it’s really about. In the meantime if any of my Italian audience happen to read the book feel free to leave your review, I hope it’s a goodie!


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