A Wedding | A Mountain | Victoria


Wedding Snapper - Glorious!

David Campbell - Man this is an epic blog post. The scenery is amazing. Awesome work.

Hunter McLachlan - Super cool !!!!!!!!!!
great collection author

michele bowman - this wedding is sweet from start to finish. i just love the way you tell a story!

Michael Ralph - As per your usual standard, rockin the hell out of it

Wendy Fishers - Absolutely love your eye for detail and creativity. Amazing and I want to learn from you 😉

megan noonan - Are you kidding me with these??? Ever shot is amazing!

Jack Chauvel - Super Duper.. cant say much more than that.. whole set.. wowsers.

michele bowman - these are beyond fabulous!!!

Fiona vR - Beyond beautiful Sam… just stunning!

Anastasia - You are amazingly creative, I adore your work.

Hannah Lundberg - Oh my freaking god, Sam, these are utterly gorgeous! Amaze. Love. Awesome.

chris prestidge - epic location, beautifully captured!

Steve - Really excellent work Sam!!! Love your DOF perception/use!

Ben Adams - Super nice! what a location

James Day - Some of the best work I’ve ever seen. Be proud.

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