Sydney Wedding Photographer – Eddie & Nora

Photographing the lovely Eddie & Nora was lots of fun… and being a fan of sushi how could I not enjoy a wedding where a sushi platter was served for lunch! Although a small scale affair it was a really beautiful day focused on the family and the sushi… I mean love sushi… damn! I mean Love!

We started at the couples Pyrmont apartment, when I say couple I mean the kitty cats, Tiger and Moshi… I’m sure fellow cat owners know how it is… lets take a moment to thank the cats for allowing us into there aparment. Tiger features heavily in the photographs, being inquisitive he was quick to check out the action, complete with an obligatory sniff of all foreign objects including the wedding dress, rings and our cameras. Moshi on the other hand spent a large portion of the day hiding behind the washing machine, a scaredy cat indeed!

After getting ready Eddie’s mother prepared some tea for a traditional ceremony welcoming Nora into their family. We followed this with the aforementioned sushi and made friends with organic fruit Eddie’s brother had brought over from his mothers garden (featured in photos).

With content stomachs we snapped a few quick family portraits the jumped into Eddie’s “cosy” sports car to head to the registry. A wedding day without hiccups surely isn’t a wedding day and true to form Nora’s wedding dress managed to get well and truly caught in the car seat! With the help of a torch and some gentle affirmation eddie finally got the dress unstuck, things weren’t looking good for a little while!

Congrats guys.

Ps. In a completely unrelated and unplanned act of fate I am having sushi for dinner tonight…

sydney wedding photographer - Eddie and Norawhats for dinner? SUSHI!Sydney Wedding photographer - The bride... she is ready!mmmmmm teaSydney wedding photographer - Eddiesushi! nom nom nomSydney Wedding photographer - The lovely couple and the familysydney wedding photographer - the couple and a cute little lizzyvroom vroom vroom... oh wait... this isn

Sydney Wedding Photographer | Samuel Burns


Henry B - Impressive work mate. Well done

Sandra Lemin - Dallas Wedding Photography - Gorgeous wedding and your photography is gorgeous!

Jared Tseng - LOVE the shot of the groom standing on the shopping cart. Exceptionally creative! The whole series is really solid.

Annelie - I agree with Kellee & Julianna that I really love how you captured the day and expected the cat to show up in one of the wedding ceremony pics:)

Kellee - Love the way the cat weaves it’s way through the story. Love the way you captured the day!

Julianna - Love how you’ve included the cat in the story too! Awesome shot of the couple with the shopping cart.

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